Sound Designer & Media Composer & Audio Implementer


Ziqi Wang is a LA based sound designer/composer and technical sound & engineering personal. Studied at Brandeis for Biology and Computer Science and finished at UCLA for M.S. in computer science. While at UCLA, also studied  theatrical sound design and film sound production, now is studying film scoring at UCLA Extension. Worked on school/institute theater production and indie film. Like to play around with interesting sound&electronic music in all sorts of media, film/video game/theater particularly. Have ways around recording, editing, and mixing music, SFX, and dialogue (Izotope RX). Had extensive experience with Logic pro X, also know Pro Tools well, touched Reaper for recording. Also known Unity and Wwise and worked on them before.

If you are looking a guy that can do creative plus integration of sound, and mixture of electronic with orchestral music in your field of media, you wont be disappointed.

Contact Info

wzqmax [at] gmail•com