Wall E Opening – Sound Redesign – Horror Style ft. Yes

Disclaimer: The video is only served as a sound design demo, all rights goes to SONY PICTURES. If this demo raises any copyright issue, the video will be removed immediately and the uploader (me, Ziqi Wang) take full responsibility.

A sound redesign for the beginning 2min from the film Wall E. To make redesign more challenge and fun, the vision is to create a horror style soundscape without using music at the beginning.

All sounds are from either licensed libraries or recorded myself. No original sound from the film is ever used. However, for the later half, I just couldn’t help but use an original song by the British prog rock band Yes, I will not spoil the song and hope you can enjoy it!



Initially thought such redesign will be a great learning experience, and indeed I have learnt a lot. However, it turns out way more challenge than i thought, especially how to effectively present the horror vibe at the very beginning without music. The later half works as a relief to the horror atmosphere that intended to be lighter and joyful, but it also introduces synchronization challenge and to make Wall E sounds as lively as a fun robot is really not as easy.